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Volunteer in Our Schools

Photo of volunteer working with students in a classroom

We welcome volunteers who want to use their skills and resources to help our students succeed. There are a number of ways to get involved

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

One Time

If you are looking for a one-time opportunity, we recommend you use , The Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism.

School Day

If you are interested in volunteering during the school day, use the school profiles link to identify schools that may be a good match. Please reach out directly to the schools to explain what you would like to do and when you are available.

Complete the Volunteer Clearance Process

All volunteers, including parents, must complete the 做厙勛圖 Clearance process before volunteer services can be provided.


Exceptions may be granted to the 做厙勛圖 Clearance process in the following situations:

  1. You are volunteering for a one-time, on-campus event, like Career Day or Field Day. Please email the Clearance Team at [email protected] to confirm whether you qualify for a clearance exception.
  2. You are a potential volunteer under the age of 18. Individuals in this group should complete this form: Under 18 Years Old Volunteer Application and return to [email protected].
  3. You are a potential volunteer with an active secret or top-secret federal security clearance. Individuals in this group should complete the Federal Security Clearance Verification letter in lieu of being fingerprinted with 做厙勛圖. The original signed verification form and a copy of a state issued photo ID to [email protected].